Construction work will cause traffic congestion in

          Caldy, Frankby, Greasby, Thurstaston and Upton.
Landfill will be used to landscape the site and raise it above the                          floodplain (see below). 
For an estimate of how many lorry loads needed, see below.
It will be a building site, with issues of disturbance and windblown                       rubbish, for a few years.




Earth-Works HGVs only

For a comparable site see the golf course, refused, at

Bury Farm, Edgwarebury Lane, Edgware, North London


Estimate by weight

158 acre, Green Belt, flood-plain

18-hole golf course with clubhouse and associated buildings and roads.


Half a million tonnes of landfill waste would be brought to the site as part of landscaping.


A 6-axle open truck carries 26 cu m or 20 tonnes of land-fill waste.


Hoylake Golf Resort is 285 acres or 1.8 times bigger.


ASSUME, land-form is same and requires pro rata landfill i.e. 902,000 tonnes landfill or

45,000 truck-loads. (Double this for return run)




Estimate by volume

158 acres = 639,403 sq m

Tonnes to landfill volume x 1.6

500,000 tonnes = 800,000 cu m


Depth dug = 800,000 / 639,403 = 1.25 m



285 acres x 1.25 m = 1,153,354 sq m


Volume @ 1.25 m surface layer stripping = 1.44 M cu m


6-axle HGV can carry about 26 cu m of material. Therefore,

55,400 truck-loads. (Double this for return run)

BUT, the country lanes around the proposed site would not allow for vehicles of this size.  Therefore, the number of HGVs will be greater.

VISITORS Vehicle numbers.


250 beds with 85% occupancy = 210

         Lunch @ 85% occupancy = 200

         Dinner@ 85% occupancy = 200

                              Conferences = 100

                                             Spa = 50

                                             Golf = 200

                                            Staff = 150

                       Service to Resort = 20

                           Homes x2 cars = 300

                       Service to homes = 100

                                         TOTAL = 1530

                        Say 1,500 PER DAY