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The pond lying close by the Gilroy Nature Park known to locals and bird-watchers as "The Scrape" (seen in the photographic tour of the boundary at Image 5b) has been destroyed in an act of vandalism.


Images depicting the destruction are attached below (with thanks to the (Stop) The Hoylake Golf Resort Committee).


The destruction of this site used by waders such as Black-tailed godwits, is a huge set back to anyone not wishing to see the development of the Hoylake Golf Resort proceed because "The Scrape" is Functionally Linked to the Dee Estuary Special Protection Area.  More can be read at .


The webmaster accepts that some of the readers of this website might not like or agree with everything that the EU has said and done.  But its Conservation Objectives are important not only for the Dee Estuary but every other wildlife site (birds, mammals, reptiles, flowers, butterflies and moths, etc) in the UK.  They are passed for the protection of our environment upon which we depend for our leisure, amenity, lifestyle, nature and agri-business.


Please email Director of Regeneration David Ball at to register your feelings.


It might be possible to reinstate "The Scrape" but it will be costly and only your weight of words can help achieve its restoration and recovery.


Without "The Scrape" your fight is more difficult than ever it was before.

Please help!

Image Left = Ditch works to make deeper aiding drainage of pond site.

Image Below = Mud where once there was water.

Image Right = Waterfowl, mostly Moorhen, paddling in mud.