Ecology and Habitats

Protection of fauna & flora, including bats, butterflies, moths,                                    invertebrates, insects and innumerable wildflowers during and after            construction of the Resort and houses has not been addressed.

Knowledge of the area's hydrology is lacking.
Meols Meadows SSSI is at risk from drought and / or flooding by enriched              out-flow from the course water features.

Agri-chemicals used on the golf courses adversely affect the environment.

Public rights of way will be diverted.

Other cycle and foot-paths (e.g. Tip Lane) will be lost.

THE NATURAL CHOICE : Securing the value of nature

by Government about how we take for granted the goods, services and amenity value that nature freely provides can be read here.

The speaking notes that HILARY ASH, Hon Conservation Officer, Wirral Wildlife (Wirral Group of Cheshire Wildlife Trust) used at the public meeting 26 May 2016 can be read here.

Langfields Site of Biological Importance

The Merseyside Environmental Advisory Service recommendation that Wirral Council tried to keep secret can be read here.

The Resort site plan overlaid with the Langfields SBI can be seen here.

Wirral Council's "Cool Wirral" setting out its Climate Change Strategy 2014 ~ 2019 can be read here.