Hotel, Spa & Houses

The hotel will have 250 5* rooms.

We expect the restaurants will serve an a la carte menu, brasserie and bar meals. 

A spa and swimming pools will be available for guests.

A schematic view of a typical resort hotel is shown below.

A current selection of Marriott spa hotels can be viewed here.

What will be the style and initial sale price of the houses?

See Machynys Golf Resort housing here.

Luxury houses are being built to raise money to build Resort?


Vehicle numbers per day

250 beds with 85% occupancy  = 210 

                                          Lunch = 200 

                                         Dinner = 200 

                                              Spa = 50 

                                              Golf = 200 

                                            Staff = 150 

                       Service to Resort = 20 

             Conferences, meetings = 100

                          Homes x 2 cars = 300 

                       Service to homes = 100 

                                         TOTAL = 1530

                                            Say 1,500 

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