(For those of who you asking "what about Newsletter No 1?", it related to Councillor attendance of the 26 May 2016 public meeting)


Dear Mailing List Subscriber!


This is the first of the Newsletters reporting your responses to our survey seeking comments on the proposed Resort and guidance to the Committee on tactics.  It and those to follow will be posted to the website at .


Please forward it to any others that you may know with concerns because your Committee would like to hear from them.


Your responses were very rewarding because more than half of the individuals listed replied.  Some of you will have responded as an individual and some as a member of a "wildlife" Group.


Thank you everyone for your wide-ranging and, sometimes, very deep and thought-provoking responses.  The replies are so many and so complex that we have decided to issue a series of short newsletters each covering, in alphabetical order, the points raised.


If anyone wants to provide further detail on any of these issues, please email  The Chairman promises that he will reply even if only to say that he has asked an expert for advice.


If any of you has expert information or just simple and plain background information, please email it to us.  Your Committee are, in the main, people like yourselves with little or no experience in many of the matters to be raised in the newsletters so anything that you can provide, especially names of those with expertise that we may contact, will be most welcome.


If you are able to assist with leaflet posting (volunteers are much needed), petitioning, IT, letter-writing, please let us know.  All background information that we have will be provided - you will not be working in the dark.


Our next big task is the production of a video, so help would be appreciated with this.




This was a surprise issue and one in which your Committee lacks any expertise.


There are medieval field systems across the site and a ancient ridge & furrow system on the Municipal Course that will be destroyed.


Because none of your Committee has expertise, your help is invited.


What evidence is there (photos would be appreciated) and how may the systems be preserved?  


Is there a body or grouping of people with interest or expertise in this subject that we may contact for advice, information and assistance?




None of your Committee is an allotment holder but some of us once were, so know how important they are to you and the community.


Concern for the future of Gilroy Road allotments has been received.  

Are there concerns for any others on or close by the proposed golf resort site? 


Holders fear that their allotment will be lost.


If not lost, than holders have said that flood protection must be improved.  

How serious are the flooding issues?




Your Committee shares your concerns for the loss of "village life and atmosphere" and your concerns for the way that Council has segregated us, one from another.


The survey highlighted regret for the loss of "village and parish" atmosphere of this part of Wirral.  

Residents of Hoylake have fears that the Hoylake Development Plan might badly affect their village life.  

Council has been criticised for its poor consultation process, a major cause of these concerns. 


Council is criticised for "segregating" the villages of the Wards that neighbour Hoylake.  

There is regret that they are excluded from the referendum that will adversely decide their futures without having been asked.  

Also, that Council and Councillors (excepting Cllrs Blakeley, Ellis and Watt to whom we offer our thanks) has ignored the residents of the wards of Greasby, Frankby, Irby, Leasowe, Moreton, Saughall Massie, Thurstaston, Upton and West Kirby when considering the golf resort for its affect upon them and their neighbourhoods, particularly roads, during and after construction.


(Committee note : - The Planning Committee has a very special relationship with Council and operates apart from Council's other committees under the guidance of various laws.  Members are forbidden from commenting upon any development likely to go before them so do not ask nor expect Wirral Council Planning Committee members Cllrs Anita Leech (Chairperson), Eddie Boult, David M Elderton, (Spokesperson) and Treena Johnson to comment.)