Dear Subscriber to the Hoylake Golf Resort Committee newsletter and reader of this website!


It is with deep regret and sadness in my heart that I must resign as your Chairman.  


The proportion of my time, about five hours a day, caused by the huge amount of correspondence that I am receiving as a result of the great hostility to the proposed Hoylake Golf Resort is just too much for my health to bear.  This news has come as a shock to the Committee and I know that it will find a replacement for me very soon.  Because of the intricacies of the website, I have agreed to remain its webmaster to keep it up to date and its content accurate.  This will take little of my time and hardly any effort.


Please send your emails to as the forwarding arrangements have been changed.  There may be further changes to the emailing arrangements so that I do not receive any of your correspondence.  Please be patient for your reply.  You will always receive a meaningful reply, unlike Council that never does, but the Committee members are all, unlike me, working people with other lives to lead and limited time to spare researching before sending their reply.


May I ask you to email your Labour Councillors asking why they are silently supporting Council in its support for an elitist sport, a hotel for the wealthy and homes for the rich whilst its Children's Services Department is criticised by OFSTED as being Inadequate regarding "children who need help AND protection", regarding "Experiences and progress of care leavers" and regarding "Leadership, management and governance".  Under the heading of "Adoption performance", Children's Services is said to "Requires improvement".


I remind you that these events unfolded and were revealed at the time when Council was attempting to draw £600,000 from Reserves to pay for "essential expertise to be retained to advise the council on a range of commercial, technical and legal aspects of the proposed resort" and "to undertake geotechnical investigations of the council owned former landfill site at Greenbank Road to ensure that it can be safely used for a golf course”.  Ought not the Developer be doing these works at his cost?


Notwithstanding this, we know that the Borough is desperately short of homes for the needy both for rent and to buy.  And we know that certain elderly people are to be penalised for renting Social housing that is too big for them because there is nothing smaller to rent.


May I ask you to email your Conservative Councillors asking why they are not supporting the brave and lonely positions of Cllrs Blakeley, Ellis and Watt in their stated objections to the Resort.  Whilst they stand alone taking whatever bric-bats may be hurled their way, their colleagues on the Conservative benches sit firmly on their hands.


The same may be said for your Lib-Dem and Green Party Councillors, none of whom has given voice to his opinions for or against.


At a time when our Council is hard-strapped for cash, this vanity project supporting the privileged should be brought to a halt before so much more is spent that none is able to say "No!"  As I have said from the start, this project must not succeed on apathy.


Why do our Councillors not question Officials about the Golf Resort?  Our Council led by Officials must be brought to account for its actions and desire to spend money we do not have.


Please support your Committee and tell your Councillors what you think of the Hoylake Golf Resort.  Should Council be spending Millions on golf when our children suffer?


I could not have managed without the support and information that you have given me.  Thank you!


Please be assured that I shall be watching and following everything that is done.