Pros & Cons


SUPPORTING comments provided by Wirral Metropolitan Council without                         justification and one other on Council's website.


Borough / Hoylake profile boost.
175 jobs.
Extra visitor spend supporting a vibrant tourism economy


Resort Hotel and Spa managed by Celtic Manor.
Luxury housing.

Beneficial to build on Green Belt.

Sporting provision.


New link road to serve the Golf Resort and Hoylake.
Heron Road will be improved.



Recent Open competitions were successful.

Nicklaus signature golf course.


OPPOSING comments provided by hundreds of private individuals (without                       justification when submitted as questions) and interested parties

          "Stake-holders" (with justification) and on Council's website.


None examined.
Open countryside lost.


Greenhouse Gases increased by increased national & international travel.
UK Climate Change UK law & EU Directives non-compliance



5 years from 2016 to develop the Golf Resort.

600,000 cubic metres (23,000 truck-loads) used at Shire golf course.

1.3 million cubic metres will be moved for the Resort.

"DARK SIDE OF THE GREENS" BBC 4 Broadcast 30 September 2015 2100 hrs.

Flat landscape will be sculpted with removal of peat to make it playable in all                 seasons.

Hoylake will suffer no disruption.

Most of the Resort site is authorised for landfill.

Nature of back-fill unknown.

Wards to East of Hoylake will suffer disruption.



Council's website weak in detail.

Council management lack appropriate skills.



Stakeholders not been consulted.

Council will not reveal its costs.


Agri- / petro-chemicals high use.
Amenity value of land lost
Hotels & golf courses not eco-friendly.
Land empty of natural fauna & flora.
Luxury homes (possibly gated) out of place.
New build park courses not green and pleasant lands.
Open countryside aspect lost.
Planning should conserve natural environment.
Water high use.


Agri- / petro-chemical fertilisers, herbicides & pesticides high usage.
Agri- / petro-chemical fertilisers, herbicides & pesticides run-off.
Traffic increase on & off site will harm people, fauna & flora.
Water, including public drinking water, high dependence.


Capita Symonds Technical Assessment Report.

Council says low ecological impact.
"DARK SIDE OF THE GREENS" BBC 4 reports ecosystems damaged beyond repair.
Ecological diversity reduced.
Langfields SBI kept secret, time must be allowed for analysis & report.
Meols Meadows SSSI.
Natura 2000 sites and other areas important to fauna & flora.
Roosting site for birds from Dee Estuary SAC, SPA, Ramsar, SSSI.
Wildlife importance of site  

          (e.g. badger, bats, birds, botany, brown hares, common lizard, great crested            newt, hedgehog, toad, water voles).

Wildlife interest low according to Council.
Wildlife requires mitigation / compensation before during and after construction.
Wildlife to be conserved in properly designed "Rough areas".



Business case needs revision since banking collapse of 2008,

Liverpool hotel expansion and collapse of golf as a pastime.

Consensus for Resort is lacking.

Consultants incurred high cost to taxpayer.

Council wants to boost its profile; Hoylake is convenient.

Golf declining sport; Hoylake Open 28,000 les in 2014s than 2006.

Hoylake is isolated from Resort by railway.

Hoylake town centre will receive minimal impact.

Hoylake will receive no benefit from the sale of land.

Income growth to Borough cannot be provided by Council.

Investment high but return to Hoylake low.

Liverpool & other Wirral hotels adversely effected.

Money raised from sale of land should be used to benefit neighbouring Wards.

Municipal course staff employment unknown.

No proof of concept (Business case not written by Council).

Resort clients will not venture into Hoylake.

Skill-base for Borough will not be improved.

Value to Hoylake & Borough unknown.

Wirral golf clubs adversely effected.

WMBC did not write a Business Case & has no knowledge of requirements.


Farmland clearance increases flood-risk downstream.
Farmland lost in favour of declining sport.
Sustainable development not demonstrated by Council.


Flood risk management.
Flood risk mitigation without adverse affect upon Meols Meadows SSSI.
Flood risk rated "medium to high risk of surface-water flooding" and

         "medium to high flood risk."
Governmentt Policy allows farmland to flood to protect homes.
Local Flood Authority responsibility conflict.
Meols & Moreton flood risk not assessed.
Meols & Moreton needs Flood Action Group.
Public drainage system to cope with new build.
Reslience to flood and capability to run in emergency of new build.


Views across site will be adversely affected.



Resort will have bad effect of Wirral's clubs and courses.

WMBC wants to be Capital of Golf without consideration for other Boroughs.


Green Belt land has international significance

           (i.e. Wangari Maathai, Nobel Peace laureate).
Green belt land to be built on without Council justification.
NPPF environmental protection & European legislation compliance.


Carr Lane Industrial Estate has negative imact upon hotel.
Hard surfaces, buildings, roads, etc must be able to cope with rainwater.
Hotel size unknown.
Houses (150+ luxury) make project viable.
River catchment & floodplain flood-risk increased by buildings.
Social/affordable homes excluded.
Utilities (water, electricity, gas, sewerage, telecomms) high usage.

Visitors will have no need to leave Resort.


Agri- / petro-chemicals get into acquifers and public water supply.
Back-fill will affect site's drainage.
Birket ecological and chemical quality is "Bad."
Hydrology not fully understood.
Site "risky to the good health of priority waters" by nitrates and phosphates pollution,

        which Golf courses increase.
Gilroy Allotments will lose run-off water.
Golf courses increase run-off because they are more firm than farmland.
Lakes accumulate chemical pollutants.
Lakes might be too big for Birket & Newton Brook to charge.
Lakes must be water-tight to water-based mammals.
Lakes must not adversely affect Meols Meadows SSSI.
Meols Meadows SSSI must be protected from water-starvation.
Southern part of site in "Groundwater Source Protection Total Catchment Zone".
Water flow across site assessment impossible without OS-based plan.
Water flow into site must be sufficient to fill the lakes.

Water-proofing of lakes to cope with water voles, etc.



Council has given no thought to impact on schools, doctors, etc by extra homes.



Borough's job-skills will not be increased.

Resort will be a small to medium-sized business due to staf number employed.


No guarantee of completion.
No provision for current staff.


Developments (Hotel, etc, golf courses, houses) have to comply strictly.
EIA with time for stake-holders to review; full impact assessment required.
Environmental protection essential.
Footpath network must be improved and hedges and trees reintroduced.
Large scale environmental development subverts democracy.
Protection of peoples rights essential.
UDP says retention of remaining ponds will be a priority.


Pylons crossing the site require H&S Precautions.


1500 per day approx extra vehicles to & from site will cause pollution.
Carbon foot-print will be adversely affected by extra vehicles.
Climate change effect of extra vehicles needs assessment.

Council given no consideration of traffic implications.
Hoylake station level crossing congestion increased by access road.
Hoylake station level crossing will be a bottle-neck.

Link road of little use to community.
Market Street traffic flow might be adversely affected.

Railway isolates Resort from Hoylake.
Roads will require "improvement" to take the weight of construction traffic and

         aid cross-country access.
Saughall Massie Road, other approach roads and Hoylake crossing road safety              might be adversely affected.

Saughall Massie Road (& maybe others) will need straightening & widening.

Wards to East of Hoylake will be adversely affected by construction & visitor                   traffic.


BBC’s “Dark Side of the Greens" reduces public confidence.
Council's rating for choosing Nicklaus
    Meeting the Council’s Vision - 20% 
    Deliverability - 35%
    Commercial Viability - 30%
    Commercial Terms - 15%
Evidence base for need not supplied by Council.
Financial justification cannot supplied by Council.
Golf courses currently owned by Council cannot be sold.
Golf declining, there might be no demand for another golf course on Wirral .
Liverpool might be better centre of the “Golf Coast”.
Similar resorts are closed.
Viability to completion and beyond not guaranteed.
Wirral Golf Courses might be adversely affected.


COMPILED 07/01/2017