At the consultation drop-in sessions hosted by Wirral Metropolitan Council in 2015, visitors were invited to complete a survey and questionnaire.

The result of the survey is posted to its webpage at


Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council reports on its webpage


that there were 476 responses to the survey, which Editor has analysed and found that there were 1,400 comments and questions to which, at 11/02/2016, it seems Council has not replied.


At its webpage


Council reports that two-thirds of the community supports the outline ideas for the Resort.

The Editor has analysed the responses in the questionnaire and finds that there were 89 outright comments in support and 1,311 concerns for or objections to the Resort, which includes 13 qualified with doubts and 24 outright respondents saying "No."  The details recorded can be read here and a descriptive report read here.


Psephologically, to achieve the result that best suits the surveyor's premise, one asks an odd number of questions with three being the best.


Council, at the consultation drop-in sessions, asked us three questions; namely,


a) Do you support?

b) Do you support with reservations?

c) Are you against?


When asked, it is natural to prefer the middle road option and choose (b) unless one feels so strongly that only (a) or (b) suits one's preference.


For those who like the idea but would like to know more, they would opt for (b).


This survey was designed to achieve two-thirds in favour [i.e. (a) + (b)] because in order to achieve two-thirds against there would have to be 8 choosing box (c) and two each, say, for the other options, which is virtually impossible because even those who are against the proposition would err towards (b) when they would like to know more.


Council's survey is badly flawed and so biased as to be without legitimacy.