Questions and answers copied on 8 February 2016 from the Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council web-page

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Common questions about the Hoylake Golf Resort
1. Who is behind the golf resort proposal?

Wirral Council introduced the concept and the (Jack) Nicklaus Group won the opportunity to take forward the project and build and run the golf resort.


2. What does the proposal consist of?

Primarily a new 18 hole Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course, a new 18 hole municipal course, a links golf academy, a quality hotel and club house, a new link road and quality housing.


3. What stage is the proposal at?

The project is at an early stage, although significant progress has been made in securing the Nicklaus Group to deliver the project. The Council wishes to consult people on the golf resort concept before more detailed design work starts.


4. I don’t play golf so what benefits will there be for local people like me?

A wide range of benefits are expected, including 175 new jobs. The project would also boost the tourist economy and inject much needed investment into Hoylake and beyond. It will also provide a new link between Hoylake and Saughall Massie Road, which would benefit the existing highway network by offering an alternative route into and from Hoylake.


5. Is there a chance that the proposal won’t happen or is there a firm commitment or legal agreement in place?

There is much work to do but the Council is committed to making it happen. A draft legal agreement is being discussed with the Nicklaus Group with a view to having it signed by all parties in the next few months. This will allow the detailed design work to commence and pave the way for a planning application to be submitted.


6. How long will the surveys and design work take?

It is estimated that this could take up to 12 months to prepare the proposal to a sufficient level to allow a planning application to be submitted.


7. How can I make my views known or find out more information?

The main way to keep in touch for the latest information is via Wirral Council’s website  or to email 


8. Will people have an opportunity to comment further?

Yes. The Nicklaus Group will undertake pre-planning application consultations and once the planning application is submitted there will be an additional formal period of public consultation as part of the planning process. These will give everyone opportunities to make their views known.


9. I understand that the area earmarked for the golf resort is green belt land. How then could the golf resort plan get planning permission?

The area is green belt land. In their application to the Council for planning permission, the Nicklaus Group will have to argue and prove ‘very special circumstances’ for the development and show that it outweighs any harm to the green belt.


10. As the proposed site is prone to flooding, how will you ensure the golf resort does not flood?

This detailed technical issue is one that the Nicklaus Group has experience in dealing with. They will deploy well tested measures within the design of the resort to retain and manage the flow of water across the site. All technical solutions will be studied carefully and reviewed by the Environment Agency.